Chief executive officer of Howard Gardner Multiple Intelligence Charter School, Amy Kenton joined the institution in May of 2013. Completing her doctor of education the year prior, Amy Kenton is responsible for grants, strategic planning, and maintaining the school’s educational standard.

Since its inception in 1975, the Howard Gardner Multiple Intelligence Charter School dedicates its work to educating children through exploration and inquiry. A member of the International Association of Laboratory & University Affiliated Schools, the Scranton, Pennsylvania, institution offers small class sizes to enhance the learning experience and focuses its curriculum on the multiple intelligences theory.

Created by Harvard University alumnus and professor Dr. Howard Gardner in 1983, multiple intelligences theory challenges traditional education methods. The theory states that a person possesses nine kinds of intelligence, ranging from linguistics to spatial, which are patterned uniquely for each individual. As such, no person learns in the same manner as another individual. Because of this, Gardner’s theory encourages discovering and implementing multidimensional methods that can aid in the diverse learning process of students.